Evaluation – Field Experience

Jessie Stone He – Professional Development Coordinator & Dana Poynter – Senior Vice President Global Association Management & Compliance
Evaluation of Field Experience

Being a part of Elavon and on Dana’s team surpassed all my hopes and expectations in completing my field work. I was not really sure how much I was would get out this with it being completely virtually, but I gained more than I could have imagined. I had many opportunities to grow my skill set and learn valuable lessons that could be applied in any business/career field I choose.

All the tasks Dana assignment me were all meaningful and helped me grow in some way. I not only learned about Elavon, I grew through this experience and was also able to give back to Dana and Elavon through the work I contributed. Each assignment built upon one another in some way. In order to tackle the main project Dana wanted me to do, I had to learn the backbones and build a base foundation/understanding of Elavon and the payment industry (transaction flow process). Dana had a reason for every task she gave me and I benefited tremendously from each one.

I found my field work to be very relevant to my education and I gained and furthered skills that I can use in my remaining year of course work here at IC. Almost every one of my business classes has stressed the importance of good/effective communication channels among personnel and to all audiences they impact. This experience just added and solidified that major importance and necessity of good communication. It also hit home the need for all aspects of the company to work together and be on the same page so that work is completed in a timely, accurate manner and to be ultimate working for the same goal. Again this is a concept that is stressed in most of the business courses I have taken. Elavon’s entire process would break down if the different departments were not constantly working and communicating with one another.

This experience has only helped my education and has allowed me to take what I have gained in the classroom in terms of skills and knowledge and put them into action in a real company. I got to actually do and test out what I have learned and use it to help Elavon improve. This was a very valuable learning and growing experience for me. I can take what I gained from my field work and make meaningful connections to what I have learned through my education. It was very rewarding to successfully complete the tasks Dana assigned me and know that my education helped play a role in that.

While I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do when I graduate, I know the knowledge and skills I gained from this field experience are something I can take with me for the rest of my life and use in any job/career I end up choosing. My experience at Elavon and with Dana has opened up some new possibilities that I had not really considered before, one them being a consultant of/for something. But nothing is set in stone. I am not entirely sure of what direction I really want to go except I want to be doing something that gives back and helps other people. An experience like this really helps grow a student both professionally and personally. For any one interested in the payment industry, an internship with a company like Elavon is a great way to your feet wet and your foot in the door. These types of experiences are also just a great way to help a person figure out what career field that they may be very interested in pursuing. I would recommend that all students complete some type of field experience/job shadow because it will only benefit them in the long run.